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Supporting Educational Growth: BOLD’s Contribution to the Books on Break Program in Chatham County Schools

BOLD Employees Volunteering for Books on Break

At BOLD, we're committed to making a difference in the communities we serve, a mission that brings us to the Books on Break initiative each year organized by the Chatham Education Foundation (CEF). This program offers an invaluable resource to more than 2,600 students in Chatham County Schools, providing them with books to take home and enjoy over the summer.

Books on Break has grown significantly since its inception in 2016, evolving from serving just two schools to eight in 2024, and increasing its book distribution from 5,400 to more than 14,000 books this year. This program is especially critical as it targets schools in low-income areas where access to reading materials can be limited, helping to prevent the summer slide in reading skills.

Our involvement this year included a $5,000 donation to purchase books focused on financial literacy and mindset—key areas our CEO, Chris Ehrenfeld, believes are crucial for lifelong success.  Beyond financial support, our team volunteered at the event–setting up the fair, assisting children in selecting books, and packing up afterward.

We are proud to support Books on Break and the CEF, recognizing the power of literacy to open doors and expand horizons for young learners. Thank you to the Chatham Education Foundation and all the volunteers who make this program a success. Together, we are helping to build a foundation for educational achievement and personal growth for countless students.

Learn more about the Books on Break program and see how you can help support literacy and educational initiatives in Chatham County by heading to


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