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Recode Chatham: Shaping the Future of Chatham County

jordan lake

Chatham County is embarking on an exciting journey to modernize its land-use regulations through the Recode Chatham project. This initiative aims to rewrite the county's zoning and subdivision regulations, aligning them with the policy direction set forth in the Plan Chatham Comprehensive Plan, adopted in 2017. The outcome will be a new Unified Development Ordinance (UDO), which will serve as the primary regulatory document for all development and land use in the county.

About the Project

Recode Chatham is a comprehensive effort to create a user-friendly, streamlined, and efficient UDO that benefits residents, elected officials, appointed boards, and the development community. The new UDO will simplify and clarify development procedures and guidelines, making them more flexible and easier to administer. By doing so, Chatham County aims to foster a more predictable and transparent development process that is uniquely tailored to the county's needs.

The updated UDO will replace outdated regulations with a modern framework that reflects current best practices and the community's vision for the future. It will provide clear standards for land use, zoning, and subdivision, helping to ensure that growth and development are managed in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Get Involved

Recode Chatham is not just a project for planners and officials; it is a community-driven effort that seeks input from all residents and stakeholders. Your participation is crucial to the project's success. Here are some ways you can get involved:

  • Sign Up for Updates: Stay informed about the project's progress by signing up to receive updates.

  • Attend Public Events: Public meetings and events are excellent opportunities to learn more about Recode Chatham, ask questions, and share your thoughts.

  • Review and Comment on Drafts: As draft materials are developed, they will be made available for public review.

Chatham County encourages everyone to take an active role in Recode Chatham. By contributing your ideas and feedback, you can help create a development framework that reflects the community's values and aspirations. To sign up for updates and participate in the process, please input your information in the form provided on the project website.

Together, we can build a better future for Chatham County, ensuring that development is managed in a way that benefits all residents and preserves the county's unique character and quality of life.


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