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A Closer Look at Today's Real Estate Market

In today's ever-evolving real estate landscape, staying informed is key. The Desiree Goldman Group with BOLD Real Estate is here to provide valuable insights and expert guidance. In this blog, we explore the current market's unique dynamics, including declining sales, stable prices, and the impact of interest rates.

The Market: A Unique Blend of Decline and Stability

The big question is, "How's the market?" The answer: it's solid. Despite a decline in sales, particularly in the Chapel Hill Carrboro school district (down 30% year to date), prices have remained steady or even increased.

Interest Rates and Buyer Discernment

Interest rates have influenced buyer decisions, leading to increased discernment when it comes to property conditions and pricing. Speculative and investor buyers have become more cautious, affecting market dynamics and reducing activity in the upper luxury segment.

Assisting Buyers and Sellers

Our priority is helping buyers find the best homes available in the market within their budget. For sellers, to position the marketing appropriately and masterfully for it to sell at its highest and best price.

If you, your family members, or your friends have any questions about real estate, we are happy to help! Call us today at 919.696.5848.


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