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Have You Considered Selling Your Home, In Private?

In today's hectic real estate market, selling your home via an “office exclusive listing" can provide you with multiple strategic advantages as you transition to your next home.

So, ​what is an exclusive listing exactly?

An office exclusive listing in real estate is an agreement to sell your home with a real estate agent without your home published on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Therefore, your Realtor is required to market your home to his/her sphere of influence to find a qualified buyer. Since your home won’t be publicly marketed, this method typically results in more of a private sale.

If you are thinking about listing your home as an office exclusive, here are several benefits:

  • Confidentiality: When you enter an office exclusive agreement, you agree to allow your Realtor to sell your home in private. With this agreement, you avoid having your friends, family, neighbors, and work colleagues see the price or photos of your home. Listing as an office exclusive essentially prevents your home from being in the public eye. If you choose to list exclusively, it also means there will not be a public record on the MLS if your home does not sell.

  • Database of Buyers: When you list your home as an office exclusive with BOLD Real Estate, rest assured your home will be shared with the most qualified buyers for your specific property.

  • Leverage: Buyers interested in an office exclusive listing have little room to negotiate price and/or possession terms. As the seller, you have the option of doing a full-service listing in the future and are unlikely to come off your price before testing the market.

  • Inventory: With inventory at all-time lows, buyers who have recently sold their homes or are relocating have few homes to choose from and are desperate for their Realtor to uncover potential sellers who are considering moving.

  • Testing the Market: When you list your property on the MLS, Realtors can see how long your home has been on the market, how much it sold for in the past, and what the price was listed at previously. Knowing this information can help buyers decide what price to offer and whether or not to low-ball. If you know that you're listing your home for more than what it's worth, it might be a good idea to test out the market with an exclusive listing first. If your home does not sell, you can switch to a full-service listing on the MLS without buyers knowing how long it has been for sale.

If you are interested in learning more about our exclusive listings program, call your BOLD Real Estate Expert or BOLD Real Estate today for more information! Call 919.590.0266 to get connected.


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