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Parade of Homes 2023 Recap

October brings on the changing of seasons, fall fun, and the Triangle Parade of Homes!

We toured the upper end of the market with Bold Construction Selections Coordinator Jessie Quinn and here are some things we noticed:

1. There’s a difference between a site-built home, and an architecturally designed home. BOLD Construction won a Silver Award for their custom Treehouse in Governors Club and was one of our favorite architecturally designed homes. Here is our virtual tour.

2. A semi-custom home utilizes the same design plans used by many builders, but the main changes are in the selections. A few builders have their own plans but most used Frazier Home Design, Southern Design Living and Joseph Trojanowski for modern design. This is why we see the same look of exterior homes but different builders.

3. Production Builders – Same home over and over, minor modifications. Desiree says “I avoid this over $1 Million lol”

4. Grey is finally on its way out. There was a lot of black and white, especially with exteriors.

5. Colorful wallpaper is a fun trend for powder room bathrooms or small spaces. It’s incredible to see the big, bright patterns for a pop of expression compared to the light gray and white wall paint colors.

6. Rain Chains and Rain Gardens elevate the look of a home, while utilizing a creative way to keep water away from the house. This is a win-win for design and function!

7. Generic lighting fixtures from the hardware store are not enough anymore. Unique and custom lights amplify the custom construction look and feel of the home. Modern is in with a move to more rounded shapes and “bubble” lighting. Less hard right angles.

Regina Andrew has a nice mix of modern, traditional style. We also love extra lighting under cabinets, vanities and under individual stairs on a staircase.

8. The seamless transition of flooring to air vent covers makes a huge aesthetic difference and an expectation at this price point. It’s worth the extra cost to have the air vent covers be made of the same (or close enough) material that the floors are made of. Bonus points for the wall air returns being wooden vs. the classic white metal vents. This is something anyone can do to their current home. Helps take the age off the house.

9. The average price per square foot for production builders is around $250/a square foot. If you are looking at luxury new construction, you will see $400-$500 + a square foot.

10. Our favorite, boutique, niche house we saw was 6812 Foxfire Place in Raleigh, NC. This house was built and presented like a piece of art. Everything from the materials used to build the house, design selections and individual finishes had us taking pictures/videos of everything. Every room had its own style, yet the whole house had a cohesive flow.

11. Not in the parade, but Lloyd Builders was hosting an open house in Shadowcreek Estates. This is a $3 million and up neighborhood, but every detail was thoughtfully placed in the home and the quality of the materials were stunning.


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